The Biggest Challenge for Human Resource Management in the Face of the Globalization Era

HR Management PPT – Along with the uncertain economic situation and growing local and global progress, there are rapid changes that affect Human Resource (HR) on various issues.

10 Biggest Challenges in Human Resource Management
According to a survey of the Global HR Challenges despite national and regional differences, this survey concluded that there are 10 challenges facing Human Resource Management today, namely:


% Company

1. Management Change 48%
2. Leadership Development 35%
3. HR Effectiveness Measurement 27%
4. Organizational Effectiveness 25%
5. Compensation 24%
6. Labor: Recruitment and availability of skilled workforce 24%
7. Corporate Goal Planning 20%
8. Learning and Development 19%
9. Labor: Retention 16%
10. Benefits: Health and Wellbeing 13%

Get to know more about the 3 biggest challenges in Human Resource Management

1. Change in Management
Not only focusing on professional training and HR development, management change is a special challenge for the Human Resource (HR) division. WFPMA’s World Federation of Personnel Management Associations stated that this is the main reason why HR continues to work to help businesses grow. The focus on training is needed to develop additional competencies in handling management changes.

2. Development of Leadership
The second biggest challenge in Human Resource Management that needs to be a strategic step is the development of leadership. HR professionals are expected to provide the basic structure, processes, tools, and perspectives to make the best choices and develop the continued leadership of the organization. WFPMA reports that leadership development has been identified as a strategic step in terms of:

• Maintain the right employees,
• Organizational culture can support company performance in strengthening market position,
• Line managers are prepared to take over leadership continuity so that the organization can survive in the long term.

3. Measurement of HR Effectiveness
How can change occur without the right means to measure HR effectiveness? Like other divisions, the HR division also needs to measure management’s achievements and the positive influence that is given to achieving the company’s goals. WFPMA said that using measurement tools to determine the effectiveness of HR performance was the beginning of a change in the role of HR, from administrative functions to HR as a means of strategic functions in the organization.

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